Kien, Varigotti inland, is located 150m above sea level. Here, Oliveri's Family has inherited some lands already cultivated by the great-grandfather Andrea and great-uncle Giovanni, called "Juanin".

We have beyond 600 olive trees for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and there are 4000metres of vineyards for the production of Vermentino and Mataossu white wine. The vineyard is completely exposed to South and it is planted in the characteristic sandy soil that gives to the wine its particular taste.

You can find our oil in our buffet and thanks its pleasant character is suitable for both as a dressing and for cooking.Our wines are present in our wine menu to be served with our fish dishes

During the summer you can also find in our buffet aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and courgettes from our vegetable garden.

Near to the Hotel, Oliveri's family has four season lemon trees with fragrant golden fruits. Probably one of the best quality in the world. They are used in our cuisine too.