In 1962, the historic Pensione Holiday came to life, inspired by the vision of grandfather Adriano and great-grandmother Adelina, guardians of a welcoming service and a kitchen steeped in tradition.

By 1977, with the disappearance of the railway, Hotel Holiday embraced a tranquility enhanced by a spacious parking area beneath the structure, offering a breathtaking view of the sea.

Between the '80s and '90s, the energy of Andrea and Alessandro, Adriano's sons, merged with the heart of the hotel, earning it a third star and expanding rooms with balconies and private bathrooms, all facing the sea.

From 2000 until winter 2022/2023, the hotel continued its expansion, adding cozy apartments and residences equipped with kitchenettes and large terraces.

In 2016, driven by love and dedication, the hotel transformed once again, primarily led by the women touch of Victoria, Micaela, Francesca, Cristina, Claudia, and Marianna. A new era of emotions unfolded, enriching services with a more welcoming bar area, a tasting room featuring our wines, oil and lemons cultivated with love.

The renovated restaurant, with a terrace for aperitifs and outdoor dinners, became the stage for unforgettable experiences.